5 things to do before a job interview.

Maybe you have studied English but have problems when you start to speak: you feel nervous, your brain experiences a ‘block’ and you just can’t remember words that you know.

Stress and nerves have a dramatic impact on our brain’s ability to function, these tricks will help you to relax so that your brain and your language skills can function under the pressure of having to speak English out loud – for example in an exam, a job interview or simply in a real-life conversation!


Take a big deep breath, this immediately tells your whole body to calm down and will ease your panic.

2. Check your POSTURE

Circle your shoulders and drop them away from your ears. Place your feet hip-distance apart and stand up straight as if there is a string on the ceiling attached to your head, pulling it up. If possible, put your hands on your hips and take up as much space as you can. This posture sends signals to your brain that you are in control, it will make you feel powerful and capable.

3. Change your MINDSET

Instead of focusing on negative thoughts, (I’m nervous…I can’t remember..I don’t sound fluent) change your mindset: remember that you are brave for making the effort to learn a new language, you’re taking on a challenge and that is exciting and incredible. You should feel proud of yourself.


Smiling and adopting a fun, positive attitude shows your brain that this is not a ‘fight or flight’ situation, it can relax. Again, this allows your brain to stop worrying and focus on speaking.

5. BREATHE. (Again!)

Take another big deep breath just before you start to speak. Take your time to organise your thoughts and then start to speak without rushing. You’ve got this. You will be fine. 

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