Well or good?

These two are easy to confuse, here we have written the simplest explanation possible to help you.  There’s a short test at the end so you can check your skills!

The basic rule to follow:

WELL is an adverb, it is used to describe verbs (actions). 

For example:

She ran well”

The party went well” 

(went = past tense of go, which is a verb)

He sings really well”

GOOD is an adjective, it is used to describe nouns (places, people, things).

For example:

“My run was good”

“This party is really good”

The exam was good”

The exception!

Talking about health.

In this case, well is used as an adjective to describe someone’s health. A person can be well or unwell

For example:

“Last week I was ill but this week I am well”

She looks well”

“He is unwell”

Test yourself

(Answers below)

Decide if well or good should be used in each of these examples:

  1. Your language skills are really ______.
  2. You speak English really ________.
  3. He cooks ________.
  4. I am ill. I don’t feel _______. 
  5. It is a ______ meal. 

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  1. Good 2. Well 3. Well 4. Well 5. Good

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