How to memorise English vocabulary

Memorising vocabulary is one of the hardest parts of learning English. There are lots of different techniques and everyone is different so we recommend trying them all and finding which ones work best for you.

Here are our favourite tips to memorise vocabulary:


When you learn a new word, write it down and say it out loud multiple times. 


You’re more likely to remember a word if you have a good example of when you would use it. Try to think of an example that is especially memorable – for example a funny sentence or a quote from a TV show. 

See it everywhere.

A classic image of someone cramming for an exam at the last minute: they look frazzled and have crazy notes stuck to every surface in their house. We find it actually works! You can write new words down and pin them around your house so you see them many times as you go about your day – this way you’ll repeat them and learn them without even noticing!


You can use traditional physical flashcards but there are also now many apps – like Anki, Brainscape and Quizlet. Anki is especially good because it tailors the words it shows depending on how difficult they were for you to remember, so you don’t waste time on vocabulary you have already memorised. Make using flashcards part of your routine. For example, spend 10 minutes going through them when you first wake up or just before you go to bed.

Did we miss any?! What are your tips for memorising vocabulary? 

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