What would it look like if it were easy? | Speak with confidence

I’ve upped my yoga game in the last few months. It went from being something to pass the time, to keep fit, an enjoyable hobby, to something essential. 

I have what you could call a minimalistic practice – usually just five or ten minutes a day and sometimes only a few minutes of mediation. I needed it to stay calm and it has helped to remind me that it is not necessary to panic (at least not all of the time). 

My (online) yoga teacher frequently directs us to have an “easy breath”.

To breathe with ease.

 It took me a while to understand what she meant. It took me a while and some practice and to understand what it feels like to breathe easily. It took me even longer to get my head around the fact that something I have been doing all these years, constantly, unconsciously, (breathing) could actually become easier. Maybe, in fact, I’ve even been making it more difficult than it needed to be. 

Breathing with more tension than was necessary. 

Now I’m starting to realise I can apply this to many different aspects of my life. 

I can’t stop things that are difficult or stressful from being that way. But sometimes I make things more difficult than necessary.

How would it feel to stop doing that?

To breathe with ease?

Sometimes the “with ease” mentality causes me problems. I like to work hard, I take pride in accomplishing things that are difficult.  I believe that expression – “nothing worth having comes easy”, but, what if it’s not true?

What if by believing that expression I actually make things more difficult? 

Of course there are many many things that are unavoidably stressful and difficult. I know that anyone who has studied a new language for any length of time is aware that hard work and a lot of patience are necessary to succeed. But what would it be like if we stopped adding extra stress, extra pressure and extra tension?

What if we removed all that excess? And instead we add an easy breath.

A sense of ease.

How would it feel?

These are all questions that I had running around my brain as I started to create my new course.

Where are we adding stress that isn’t necessary? 

How can we add ease and joy to our language learning practice?

I have worked to develop a course that aims to maintain the adventure and challenge of learning a new language combined with a sense of ease, freedom and fun. 

The focus is on speaking confidence. This is the area where my students frequently feel the greatest sense of fear and therefore, by working on confidence, we can initiate the biggest transformation. 

The course will help you to  improve your language skills and the way you FEEL when you speak in English so that you can express your creativity. 🌠

To find out more about the upcoming course then join the mailing list  😃

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