Would you shout at a five year old child?

Would you shout at a five year old child for making a grammar mistake? 

Would you get angry at them? Call them stupid? 

I probably wouldn’t… 

They’re learning, they’re developing their language – it’s not their fault that they can’t speak perfectly yet. 

Besides, shouting won’t help them. 

I’m trying to change my inner monologue when I make mistakes with Portuguese (one of the languages I’m learning right now). 

Getting frustrated that I’m not as good as I *should be* by now isn’t helping. 

Instead, I’m going to make my language study more exciting. I’m going to reward myself for the effort I put in, not scold myself for what I haven’t  had time to do yet. 

In the picture are some snowflakes that I made from scrap paper. I wanted to make some kind of Christmas decoration and my muscle memory had me folding and cutting the paper to create the first snowflake. It was something that I haven’t done since I was a child. 

I hung them in the window and this December they will be my reminder to make things more childlike. I will try to make everyday things magical, I will use my imagination. I hope to transform my inner voice to one that is a little gentler, a little kinder, one that will celebrate my simplest achievements. After this year, why not look after ourselves like kids for a while? Who’s with me? ❄️💙❤️

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