Impatience and Language Learning

Whenever I learn something new I get impatient. I like to know exactly what I’m doing, straight away. I don’t like to get things wrong, I don’t want to look weak or incompetent. Or stupid. But I know we have to experiment and get things wrong the first time to learn. Now I’m trying to adopt a childlike mindset (the one I mentioned in the last post) to help. 

I try to approach new and difficult things with a childlike curiosity, I acknowledge that I don’t need to know everything and that there’s no shame in making mistakes as I learn. I have fun experimenting. I put less focus on outcomes. Ironically, I’ve noticed that when I stop obsessing over the outcome of something, I usually end up with a better result.  


What about you? Do you like to get things right the first time? Are you enjoying the journey?


Just a reminder that I’m hosting another free workshop this Sunday 13th of December. We will play & explore and grow our confidence in English. Here is the link to sign up 🙂

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