What would it look like if it were easy?

I know that when I’m doing something in a new language my attention span is short.  If I’m busy, my language practice is one of the first things that I defer until tomorrow. (Along with my plans to exercise and to finally get to the end of my email inbox..)

Can we use our childlike mindset to find a solution?

If you’ve ever had to look after a child you’ll know that you have to do a lot to keep them entertained. You can’t expect something boring to hold their attention for long. You have to make it fun. 

You can do the same with your language practice. 

Try treating yourself like a child. 

Make it fun.

Make it exciting.

Make it something you actually want to do. 

You can try writing stories, poems. 

Give yourself the chance to explore your creativity in English. 

Changing your mindset and making it fun has 2 main benefits.

1. It motivates you to practice even when you are busy or tired. It takes language learning from being one of those tasks that you procrastinate on and leave for another day to something you actually want to do. It stops draining your precious energy. 

2. It can also change your emotional relationship to the language. If you only use it in a boring or stressful context then  it will be stressful, it will be boring. If we practice in a fun way that engages our creativity then our emotional connection to the language will be more positive.

 A couple of months ago I talked about bringing a sense of ease to our language practice, I asked: what would it look like if it were easy? 

Today my question is: what would it look like if it were fun?

Just a reminder that I’m hosting another free workshop this Sunday 13th of December. We will play & explore and grow our confidence in English.  Here is the link to sign up.

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