About us

We are language teachers who were fed up with seeing students who…

Felt nervous about using a second language to advance their careers.

Were unable to express their full personality and creativity.

Took endless 1:1 conversation classes without improving significantly.

Confident communication is essential if you want to travel the world and work internationally.
Fortunately, we believe that anyone can learn to be confident.

We decided to combine our experience gained from teaching English to more than 3000 students from all over the world with our love of all things creative to get people to realise that learning a language and improving your communication skills doesn’t need to be stressful, or another boring thing on your to do list. 

It can be empowering. 

It can be delightful. 

Languages are a tool to express your personality, creativity and help you to achieve your dreams.  

We’re all busier and busier everyday. By targeting the specific areas you need to work on you can stop procrastinating and use your words to make an impact.

We want to help you to…

Stop wasting time. 

Reduce your anxiety around speaking in public. 

Find your voice. 

There’s no use creating grammatically correct sentences if they’re not expressing what you want to say. We’ll help you find your voice and feel relaxed enough to communicate with your personality because it’s not fun to keep hiding behind unnatural memorised phrases.

Sara runs our courses, here’s what her students had to say…

Sara’s course was more than just about speaking confidently. I not only had the chance to improve my speaking skills with her help, but she also reminded me that the most important thing is to remember our internal goals. Language shouldn’t scare us – it should be a tool to become what we want!

Mariana Gomes, from Portugal, living in Denmark

Sara, you are an inspiring and motivating teacher. The workshop has given me workable, practical and inspiring tools… It was awesome and very original.

Blanca Presa, from Spain

I don’t believe in a certain or “the right” method for learning. The learning process can be different for each person. In the classes of Sara, she never dictates a thing. She always finds a way for you. She is like a guide (a talented and kind guide). You don’t feel stressed and this increases the possibility of success.

Ozgur, from Turkey, living in The Netherlands

Learning a new language is scary. We’ll show you how to channel your fear so that presenting in English becomes exciting and joyful.

Why Native English Fast?

I’m worried they won’t choose me for the job because I’m not a native speaker…

I want to talk like a native speaker…

I’ll never be as good as a native speaker…

These are all things that students have said to us so we were interested in investigating this mystical native speaker status. 

Having a language as your maternal language doesn’t give you perfect knowledge of it. 

In fact there are many people who have learnt a language as a second, third or even fourth language and they have knowledge, mastery and skill far greater than someone who was simply born into an environment where that language was spoken. 

Sometimes people chase after and idealise the dream of being like a ‘native speaker’, but it’s important to define what we mean by that, so we can take steps towards achieving our goal. 

After all, it’s not some magical status that’s awarded after X number hours of study as a prize for working your way through a pile of boring grammar books.

So, what do we imagine when we dream of being “as good as” a native speaker? 

We believe there are 3 key aspects: 

1. Ease

 The language has been learnt gradually and naturally, so there’s no pressure or stress associated with it. There are no expectations or thoughts of what we “should” be capable of, we just do what we can. 

2. Confidence 

We don’t doubt ourselves because we aren’t worried about being judged by anyone. Also, we know that being criticised and learning from our mistakes isn’t the worst thing in the world. We enjoy learning and improving and honing our skills.

3️. Play 

We can make jokes, we can create, we can play with the language. We can bend the rules. 

We believe that once we understand that these 3 elements are what we are really after, we can shift our mindset and start to speak with ease, with confidence, and we can play with and enjoy the language. And we can do it fast.