Do you ever wish you could press pause?

I think conversation classes and language exchanges are great for helping you to develop essential speaking and listening skills, and learn to keep up in a real-life, fast-paced conversation.  

But they’re not enough.

Sometimes you need to slow things down. 

Not to simplify. 

Actually, to do the opposite. To go deeper.

To challenge yourself to think before you speak. 

To receive feedback that is detailed, extensive and specific. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have an amazing conversation, in slow motion?

That’s exactly what we have created. 

Creative speak is an English speaking course that will help you to expand your vocabulary and improve your skills, because sometimes you have to press pause to stop yourself from going around in circles. 

You’ll respond to creative prompts by recording audio messages and then receive completely personalised feedback, based on what you send. 

We will help you to…

  • Identify patterns in your speaking and help you break the cycle of any mistakes. 
  • Challenge you to improve your language to create interesting and powerful sentences. 
  • Work intensely on your pronunciation to ensure your speech can be understood clearly and that your words will have an impact.

The prompts are designed to spark your creativity,  because working with material that is stimulating and delightful makes studying English an enjoyable experience and it means that you will learn words that are actually relevant to you and your life. 

Take a pause.

A pause in the conservation that gives you the room you need to think, to grow and to improve.

A pause in your day. A chance to speak in English that you will look forward to, that expands your creativity, and isn’t another task that you need to grit your teeth and get through.

The details:

  • Each week you will receive the theme and a set of prompts. 
  • You will make 3 recordings per week (each recording can be up to five minutes long).
  • Within 48 hours you will receive detailed feedback and suggestions.
  • This course is aimed at people with at least an intermediate level of English but it’s completely adaptable so you can take the course regardless of your learning experience.
  • The price is €50 and the course lasts 4 weeks

Sign up here

There is the opportunity to start the course every Monday, and the deadline to sign up is the previous Friday. (eg. to start Monday 8th March, the last day to sign up is Friday 5th March, if you sign up on the Saturday or Sunday, you will be added to the list for the week after.)

Any questions? Email