Imagine if you could walk into any situation and feel confident. 

Imagine if you could find the right words to express yourself and all your amazing ideas.

Imagine if job interviews, pitching your projects and approaching new people stopped causing anxiety and became something you actually wanted to do.

It’s a 4 week course that will:

Teach you how to write an introduction that you can use to pitch your project or introduce yourself to new people.

Provide you with techniques and strategies to help you become more confident.

Support you to find the right words to express yourself,  with all your personality, instead of talking like a robot that swallowed a textbook.
Improve your speaking and writing skills so you can stop repeating the same mistakes and start to communicate clearly and powerfully.

The details…

Approximate time investment:

You will spend around 3 – 4 hours per week for 4 weeks working on the course.


€110 (payable at the start of the course).


June start date: Monday 31st May (the deadline to sign up is Friday 28th May)

July start date: Monday 5th July (the deadline to sign up is Friday 2nd July)

What’s included?  

A personal consultation meeting (1 hour) at the start of the course to go in depth to discover your specific difficulties and your obstacles to feeling confident. 

This is essential if you want  to stop working endlessly without making progress. 

Materials and exercises to help you to structure and write an introduction.

This will support your writing – it will  stop you from getting stressed out staring at a blank page. 

Personal feedback on your writing and speaking to encourage you to use confident vocabulary, improve your spoken delivery and avoid repeating any grammatical or pronunciation mistakes. 

This will help you stop overthinking, doubting about if you’re saying the ‘right thing’ .

Visualisation and journaling exercises to transform your mindset.

These exercises will also give you a routine you can use to enter a confident state (for example, before an interview or presentation).

Support throughout the time that you are on the course to keep you motivated and accountable.

This will make sure you don’t feel alone and stop you from procrastinating!

Another 1 hour meeting with Sara at the end of the course. This is a final chance to get feedback and advice from, we will review (and celebrate!) your progress. 

We will also create an action plan for you so you have clear steps that you can take to improve your skills in the long term.

How does it work?

After our initial consultation, every Monday you will receive all of the resources and exercises to complete that week, you’ll receive feedback throughout the four weeks, and we will meet again at the end of the course. 

The self directed aspect of the course gives you the flexibility to choose when you complete the tasks so you can fit the course in around your busy life. Of course we’ll be available to guide you and help you whenever you get stuck. 

This course is suitable for anyone with at least an intermediate level of English. If you’re not sure about your level then send an email to